5 Wonderful Fruits and Vegetables In Nigeria That Boost Male Fertility

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  • 1. Bananas Contains Bromelain!

Little wonder, that there are few foods that look more like the the male reproductive organ than a banana, and it only makes sense to know that they help their similarly shaped brethren. It is considered that foods that look like genitals and reproductive organs are considered aphrodisiac.

Banana_Fruits and Vegetables in Nigeria that Boost Male Fertility | Sperm Count | Real-9ja-Men BlogBananas have been known to increase the libido in men since they deliver bromelain which is an enzyme that thins the blood and increases testosterone production. Then they follow up with potassium which helps blood circulate and summon the soldier.

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  • 2. Avocados Fuels Libido!

New research shows a diet high in certain antioxidants boosts male fertility. Avocado are men’s all time super fruit. Apart from the healthy fats, an avocado fruit is packed with Folic acid, Vitamin E and Vitamin B6. Now, what these do is charge sperms with the motility they need to penetrate the eggs.

Beside improving the blood flow to the genitals, it also helps boost the male fertility health. However, avocado is not only full of nutrients that are critical for healthy sperm production but it also has unique properties that can help your cardiovascular system and lower your blood sugar.

Men who eat avocado have more luck making babies than those who don’t.

  • 3. An Apple a Day Keeps Low Sperm Count Away!

Apples-Fruits and Vegetables in Nigeria that Boost Male Fertility | Sperm Count | Real-9ja-Men BlogOver time studies have shown a direct relationship between poor eating habits and poor sperm quality and low sperm count. Men who eat fewer fruits and vegetables are more likely to suffer from these problems.

For men, apples are recommended to increase sperm count. Apples are considered a balanced fruit with a good mix of all nutrients. They’re a low-calorie fruit, so they’re a great choice for getting the nutritional benefits of fruit without all the sugar that’s found in other fruits.

Which means men should make eating of apples a deliberate act to increase their odds of conceiving a baby.

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  • 4. Garlic is a Plus!

I can imagine how most people tend to feel about the idea of  chewing raw garlic cloves. Now, guess what? Garlic may not be the sexiest food around seeing as it leaves with bad breath, but It is however definitely worth the effort as it contains vitamin B6 and selenium which prevent sperm damage.

Beside that, garlic also has the power to increase your blood flow aiding your erection. By improving the blood flow to the genitals, it also helps boot the endurance and strength of sperms. Always make it conscious habit to eat one or two cloves a day.

  • 5. Spinach Does The Magic!

SPinach- Fruits and Vegetables in Nigeria that Boost Male Fertility | Sperm Count | Real-9ja-Men BlogIn Yoruba language, spinach is called Efo tete and in case you still don’t know that vegetables does the magic in boosting male fertility, now you have one more reason to make sure that you don’t miss your vegetables. Green leafy vegetables are a great source of folic acid. Lack of folic acid results in disfigured otherwise useless sperms. If you want your sperms to be able to fertilize the egg, eat your spinach.

To boost sperm count and overall male fertility, the researchers recommended eating lots of vegetables, saying that men who eat such foods that are rich in antioxidants have higher concentrations of sperm. A cup of spinach into your day will help you get this amount of the good stuff to improve your sperm count.

In Conclusion!

In-as-much as fertility is a multi-factorial outcome of the body’s health, #mens ability in consuming the right diet and a conscious active lifestyle can not only boost fertility but also reduce stress and anxiety levels.

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